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One of those days!

American Soldier says,

I originally put up a video by Toby Keith but realized that not everyone has high speed Internet. So for now I will just write a post.

Today was a lazy day for me. I relaxed for the majority of it. Taking some time to take in the changing scenery that is succumbing to the New England weather. The leaves have begun to change and the days are much shorter. The air has the scent of wood stoves. The crispness of fall air surrounds the peaceful environment that I call my home.

I often think about my brothers who are not here to enjoy this season in their life. It is a bittersweet feeling. I do know that next year for them will be that much more sweeter for them.

So I will leave you with this.

We have moments in our lives that open our eyes to things that would normally be overlooked.
Day in and day out we carry on with our lives.
Whether preparing for a mission or packing your lunch for the day at your civilian job.
The minutes go at the same pace no matter who you are.
We either just miss or get immersed in our reality at different speeds.

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  1. ~K Says:

    :beer: :beer: True AS, very true. I have been doing a lot of reflecting as of late, and this is just perfect. I hope you all stop and listen to your gut and pay special attention to the little things. It is all gone way to fast. Life has a way of sneeking up on you when you least expect it. It knocks you for a loop. Be perpared and enjoy all you can.
    :arrow: ~~A bit of advice, please protect them babies. Sunscreen is very important, even on cloudy days. The way you treat your skin today is what you have to deal with up to 30 years from now. Enough of my soapbox.

  2. Kat in GA Says:

    {{{{HUGS}}}} to ~K ~ and ditto to all of the above.

    It is easy to get caught up in “stuff” and miss what’s important in life!!! Tonight, we went out to dinner with several other couples from church for a “marriage enrichment” type deal. Someone actually paid our way for us to go, since we wouldn’t have been able to go otherwise (what a sweet blessing!). anyway, it was neat ~ no kids, no homework (either mine or theirs, LOL)….! And conversations with other couples that did NOT center around kids/college/work, LOL!!!!!!

    Yep, gotta stop & chill sometimes, and be “aware” of who and what is in your life. :mrgreen:

  3. Donna Says:

    We all should take a little time to smell the roses as they say and enjoy these lives that we have.

    I do enjoy this time of the year too. We have had some beautiful Fall days here but now it’s giving away to some cooler days preping for winter you can tell. I dread snow, it is beautiful but is slick on the roads. We live in the mountains and it’s hard to drive sometimes in the white stuff Hee! We will survive! :mrgreen:

  4. Sure Fire Says:

    Our minds are pretty closely tied, cuz all this extra duty has really had me thinkin about that as well. Good to know I’m not the only who appreciates the downtimes to think about stuff like this. Makes me feel just that much more sane. heheh. Keep it up AS.

  5. CJ Says:

    AS–Thanks for reminding us to take the time to appreciate our blessings–and our freedoms. And thank you for all you’ve done to keep us free. My heart is grateful.

  6. Lissa Says:

    We, too, have had some beautiful autumn days. :smile: I live in Central Pennsylvania, and although it has been quite rainy over the past week or so, I have found the leaves on the trees to be turning exquisitely.. colors of red, gold, orange, and yellow. I would love to be able to just go wander out through the mountain near my house right now, but I’m stuck in a computer class designing web sites. :???: Over the past week, I have realized just how much people take for granted as I visited someone very close to me who can no longer do something as simple as pick up a fork to eat, or walk from one side of his bed to the other without leaning on it. It’s time to wake up people, realize what you have & take advantage of it while you still can!

  7. Diana Says:

    I found out today I will be going to Iraq early next year. Im a little bit worried about that, but I know it’s going to happen and I know I’ll be ok, no matter what happens. Anyone have any words of wisdom? I’ve been deployed, just never to a combat zone.

  8. American Soldier Says:


    Start a blog, write down your emotions. Spend time with your loved ones and appreciate the mundane. You are in the AF so statistically you will be fine. Have fun with your tour, as in make friends and get close to your career in a proverbial sense.

    Keep coming back here. :)

  9. Nadia Says:

    I was looking online for some information on what soldiers do everyday, for school & I found this… :mad: WE ARE PAYING SOLDIERS TO “relax” AND BE “lazy” (as this post says)?! If you really are an American soldier in Iraq, I am ashamed to be an American! :mad:

    ~Nadia, 13

  10. American Soldier Says:


    Read the journal and you will surely be enlightened. My goodness, young lady. Calling an soldier lazy even if he were in Iraq is a rather rude thing to say. Soldiers get time off you know!

  11. devildog6771 Says:

    Nadia, how many people in Louisiana did you rescue during the hurricane relief efforts? Did you just come back from a tour in Iraq, and then have to go there and sleep on pallets too? How many snipers did you kill because they were killing our troops in Iraq? How many buddies did you hold in your arms as their life’s blood drained away as you watched helplessly, praying to God he’d take you instead? How many days have you worked 16-36 hours straight without sleep? How about eating that junk our guys call food in those foil packs because there is no other food to eat. Was yours good? When your power goes off next time and you shiver in the cold water as you bath remember our deployed soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan do it every day!

    How many schools did you help build today? How many children did you give shoes, school supplies, candy, and soccer balls that you managed to collect instead of having people send you stuff for your own personal comfort? What about the broken bodies of innocent children, how many did you save today? How many sick civilians did you give medical care to? How many IEDs did you destroy so none of your men or the innocent civilians would be killed by it? Drag any burning mangled bodies of your friends and buddies from any burning vehicles today? See any of you buddies blown up as they ate in the mess hall?

    How many Pakistani did you rescue from the earthquake wreckage today before you went back to war? How many times have you left behind your children or spouse so you could answer the call to defend your country, help flood and earth quake victims, fight a forest fire, because you felt you owed it to your country to do your part to earn the rights we have all enjoyed so freely? How many times have you been spit on, cursed, called lazy, been paid a salary that allows you to barely live above the poverty line, fought for your benefits, worn out a single pair of boots doing all of the above [which is by far a very short list]?

    What’s that? Did you say none? Thought so or you would have never asked a soldier that question or for that matter a Cop, EMT, or Fireman. In my family we have all served as all or some of these. Are we special, no? We’re just Americans doing our part and we didn’t wear pink shorts to do it either.

    Sorry, AS. I just couldn’t help myself. I’ll try to be more restrained in the future! I promise! :wink:

  12. Diana Says:

    Nadia, you’re 13. Now’s the time to start getting your own opinions about things instead of eating what other people are feeding you. I’m sorry you feel ashamed. If you want to know what soldiers do everyday, just ask one. They’ll tell you- they protect our country everyday. Thats our job.

  13. future army wife Says:

    nadia- be more informed before you make such a strong statement. talk to a soldier thats served overseas and see what he did everyday.
    Our men and women serving overseas dont need to come home to what they did during vietnam- people that are like that need to be more informed, not all our our soldiers want to be there, not all of them think its a good thing that they’re doing, but its their job and they have no choice.
    Yes- they have “down time” , some more than others. they sure as hell deserve it too. they work their asses off everyday only to get shot at, be under-paid and be ridiculed by un-informed americans. they dont need this. the amount of free time they have all depends on their job, some get more than others, thats just the way it is.
    Would you be willing to serve your country and leave everything you love behind?? these guys are, and they’re pretty damn amazing for it. they’re putting their ass on the line everyday for us, wether you appreciate it or not. they’ve seen more than any of us have or probably ever will see, they need to be appreciated by Americans.
    would you be able to handle seeing your buddies die right in front of you? or even see innocent kids or civilians die? what about killing someone and having them stare you right in the eye as they fall to the ground?could you work day in and day out for a year straight in a war zone?once you live like these guys do or you’ve at least talked to a few soldiers that have served our country then you can form your opinion. until then keep your mouth shut.

  14. Pam Says:

    I for one know that you are NOT by any means lazy! Please don’t let this misinformed “child” give you the impression that America is ungreatful for the sacrafices that you make. My family and I are eternally greatful for soldiers like yourself who protect our freedoms. Too bad there are “misinformed children” in this world who don’t realize that. I say, carry on with the AWESOME job and know that we are praying for you, and the misinformed souls of this world!
    God Bless,

  15. Robyn Says:

    I am a nurse working in the Australian Defence Force. I know that you are young, and have a limited view of the world. You must understand that you are a very lucky little girl to be able to air your views in such a way. In some countries you would be dragged from your home, and thrown into prison for speaking out against the government or military, like you have. Don’t ever forget Nadia, that it is because of the men and women who are brave enough to pick up a weapon and take a stand against evil that you have the freedom to voice such an ignorant opinion. Perhaps next time you open your mouth, the words “Thank you” might be spoken, instead of your previous sad little views.

  16. S. LaDon Ware Says:

    We are starting a web magazine dedicated to the written arts and one thing we want to emphasize within the publication are the words of the American Soldier. We would like to offer that soldiers can submit their poetry, prose and musings to our site www.firenflow.com and we will do our best to make sure the American people and the world hear what you have to say.

    Be well,
    S. LaDon Ware
    Fire ‘N Flow Co-op Magazine for the written Arts

  17. William Says:


    The tailor makes the man…

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