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Anyone looking to adopt a Soldier?

American Soldier says,

A mother of a deployed soldier emailed me and wanted to see about getting her son fixed up with a soldier organization.

So email me if can truly do it.

UPDATE: I got alot of emails on this one, so hold down for the moment.

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  1. Amiel Atabaki Says:

    :smile: i would like this job also i need to know what i need to do as i have never done this before only sent package to my friend who was in iraq but is now in the states (yeah) i hope this for all soldiers and i know there sacerfice is going to be worth the outcome for iraq

  2. Kat in GA Says:

    I emailed you!!!!

  3. Anna Says:

    Soldiers’ Angels and Adopt-a-Platoon are both excellent sources for both soldiers and those wishing to “adopt” them.

  4. KAra Marie Says:

    I totally wanna adopt a soldier!!! Set me up… :lol:

  5. Beth Says:

    Hello. I am looking for adopt a soldier. if any men woudl like a pen pals just look me up at ladybug113003@aol.com… Will write to anyone…. Hope to hear from you soon. Beth :smile:

  6. Cindy Says:

    Hey, looking to adopt a soldier. Anyone wishing to here from a good old Texas country lady send me an email back to Cindwll332@aol.com. Hope to hear from someone soon! God Bless you and Hope that your home soon!!

  7. tahlia Says:

    i truting to find out if there is any way i can be a pen pal to a solider fighting for our country. i want to support them in any way i can, and i think that giving a few words of edncouragemet to one of these soliders will help please e-mail me with the info i need
    thanks :grin:

  8. NICOLE Says:

    Another great site to adopt a soldier.

  9. Kat in GA Says:

    GREAT SITES TO ADOPT SOLDIERS FROM (all of which i’m involved with):


    And for anyone interested in helping our wounded hereos, this is another awesome group:


    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  10. debbie Says:

    I want to help soilders, so far this is the only way i can find to help. I would love to have a pen pal :mrgreen: :idea: :grin: :lol: :roll: :grin: :cool:

  11. tanya Says:

    Does anyone know of any soldiers who would like to receive emails or handwritten letters? Please let me know

  12. Kat in GA Says:

    Tanya ~ check out:

    www.webofsupport.com ]



    You will be able to get a soldier to adopt from any of those! :mrgreen:

  13. Sarah Says:

    I would love to adopt a soldier to snail mail to them and send them presents please email me a sarahbug1222@yahoo.com :!:

  14. Jill Says:

    My fiance is deployed. I am looking to see if anyone would like to adopt him. I am ALWAYS sending stuff but I am sure he would like to have things sent from others, to know he is appreciated. Please e-mail me if you are interested. Jilly0486@yahoo.com. Thank you. :razz:

  15. tonya Says:

    I am looking for a soldier. I love to write. And support our troops.
    So if there is a soldier in need please let me know.



  16. Rebecca Says:

    I am looking for an soldier to write to, just to let them know how thankful I am for what they are doing. I would love to stay in touch with him or her.

  17. Joy Says:

    I like anysoldier.com. You can pick the soldier you would like to write to.

  18. Christina Says:

    I’ll write to him! Please, sign me up!

  19. cherie Says:

    I want to be a penpal to a solider. I’m a 33 year old female from louisiana. I’m in school right now for medical office assistant and go to school only half a day.

  20. Sharon Says:

    I have been supporting our military since 2003 and am looking for a soldier or soldiers to write to. I am 45 and live on a farm in West Virginia. I am single and am currently writing my first novel. I also have a postcards for soldiers project and am looking for anyone who wants postcards, either blank or with messages of support. I will write to anyone who writes me.

  21. Jessica Says:

    I’m a military brat and would like to write someone over in iraq. I’m 19 and currently going to college. I am pretty good about responding to letters and writing them as well. Anyone who wants to write to me let me know.

  22. courtney Says:

    Jessica, there are many non-profit organizations out there that would be happy to connect you with fine Soldiers to write to. Below are three–a Google search will turn up more.

    Soldiers Angels http://soldiersangels.org/

    SA has a wide variety of teams to join (general letter writing, writing to those who have been wounded, etc.)

    Any Soldier http://anysoldier.com/
    You simply sign up online, flip through the profiles, and choose up to three addresses a day.

    I got this link from Red2Alpha’s blog, http://thisisyourwarii.blogspot.com/

    I’m part of Soldiers’ Angels and I love it. Members of SA say they “support” Soldiers, but honestly, it’s really Hero Worship. :)

  23. Kat in GA: A Soldiers' Angel Says:

    Jess & Sharon — check out www.SoldiersAngels.org - there are zillions of ways to get involved with writing to and/or adopting our Heroes over there! :)

  24. cody delp Says:

    hi i am 12 turning 13 soon and i was wondering if i can sent letters to a soldier in active duty and to hear what it is like becuse when i get old enought im going into the army no dought about it well can you plz find me a soldiger pen pal plz thaks

  25. julie Says:

    hey there i would like to write my dad use to be in teh af but i do have a brother over there in iraq.. yes i know about the military and i support them very much and say thank you

  26. hairdosweetie Says:

    hello, im lookin for some american soldiers that would like to have a penpal… just let me know , my email is hairdosweetie@yahoo.com hope to chat with you soon

  27. Jane Says:

    Looking to email a soldier over seas.
    If interested my email is janed1949@hotmail.com

    I live in Canada but I am originally from Michigan. :smile:

    Hope to hear from you soon

  28. becky Says:

    hi im from canada and am interested and emailing a soldier because i believe they are our heros also .

    Everyone can use a friend :smile:

    so if all i can do is listen then i hope i can help

  29. becky Says:

    my email address is tiny.lily@hotmail.com

  30. Terrie Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I would love to adopt a soilder. Its the least I could do. They are hero’s to me. Let me know how to get started.


  31. James Cook Says:

    :grin: i finaly found a site to adopt a soldier i had a military pen pal in eighth grade and now im 17 and im planning on joining the marines i would love a soldier to talk about this with or just to talk to about ne thing thanka alot!!!! :wink: just e-mail me when u find 1

  32. American Soldier Says:


    Plenty of sites on my link bar to find soldiers to adopt.

  33. Nikkie Says:

    i would love to become an email buddy to a soilder!! so please let me know!! peacen ad love

  34. Rigger Joe Says:

    Richard Wolfe don’t like it , Leave!!!!! But first come blow me.

  35. American Soldier Says:

    We shouldn’t be hearing from him anymore. I ‘virtually’ sent a 7.62mm round his way.

  36. Carrie Teele Says:

    I met a Great man in the Army many months ago. He left to go on tour and we remained in contact. I send him goodies ( cookies, candy,gum,ect.). We were on the internet together a few weeks ago and saying that he shares what he get’s in the mail with his platoon. As our conversation continued we thought about the other american soldiers who don’t really get much in the mail. So we came up with a project ” Adopt An American Soldier Project” I have created an email address for those who are interested in Adopting A Soldier. Any soldier who is on tour or will be leaving on tour may also email me. I will then set a soldier up with a family who is interested. I ask that you all remain in contact with each other puring the time of deployment. My friend Darrin will also keep me in touch with names of soldiers who are already over seas and is interested in having a new friend/family. Please send email to adopt an american soldier project @yahoo.com. Let’s all together keep our troop’s in our heart’s, prayer’s, mind’s for the hope’s of a safe return home. I have started this project in CT, and in hopes that it will go all over the great USA. If anybody is also interested in helping with this project please email me too. Your suport is greatly appreciated by me and many other people. email adopt an american soldier project @yahoo.com

  37. Barbara Says:

    Hi, my name is Barbara. I would be very interested in writing to soldiers in iraq. They are doing a great job over there.

  38. Ann Says:

    I live in the Caribbean and would love to write to any solider in Iraq. Words of prayer and support are only a letter or email away. God Bless!!

  39. Tangela P. Says:

    Hello, I would like to adopt an American Solider. Let’s become pen-pals. Stay strong and God Bless!

    Friends til the End

  40. Cheri K Says:

    I would love to correspond with any soldier that is interested in doing so. I like to thank them for all that they do. You are doing a great job.

  41. Cheri K Says:

    I would love to correspond with any soldier that is interested in doing so. I like to thank them for all that they do. You are doing a great job.

  42. Leticia Says:

    Hello, I am looking to keep in touch and get to know a soldier, and that would be interested in doing so as well. I like to thank them for all the work . Good Bless

  43. cynthia Says:

    if there is a soilder thats wants a good kind person witha lot of love to sare please email me at nightwolf249@aol.com, I am looking forward hearing from you.

  44. Caitlynn Says:

    i would love to talk to a soldier my dad was one until he got hurt and then i didnt have any one to write too

  45. Caitlynn Says:

    i would love to talk to a soldier my dad was one until he got hurt and then i didnt have any one to write too :razz: :wink: :lol:

  46. mae Says:

    James Carter J.r, This is your sister ( mae) so if u get a chance plz, email me at mae_liz_jlo@yahoo.com. Please e-mail me, we love you and miss u. Everyone keep up the good work. If there is other soilders that want to e-mail u can. James Carter please e-mail me,

    Your Baby Sister!!!!!!!!!!

    The Family Says Hey, they love u!!!!! We all love u!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. mae Says:

    Hey, James Carter!!!!! The Family Locves You and We are Praying for u and others. So e-mail me at mae_liz_jlo@yahoo.com. When u get the chance.

    KISSES AND HUGS TO YOU AND ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. mae Says:

    Your Family Loves You, James Carter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We Love All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MAY GOD BLESS ALLL SOIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. mae Says:

    Your Family Loves You, James Carter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We Love All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MAY GOD BLESS ALLL SOIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. mae Says:

    Hey, if there is any soilders that want to have a buddy to e-mail me, u can. James Carter J.R. U to, e- mail me soon plz.

    This is ur Baby sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL Soliders stay strong and hang in!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GOD BLESS YA ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ( thats my e-mail )

  51. rachel Says:

    My dad and both brother are/were in the army. My older brother was in Operation Desert Storm and I’d be willing to keep in touch with anyone wanting to hear about life in Oklahoma or just to chat.
    frogluvnwmn34@yahoo.com :smile:

  52. christina in va Says:

    hi, i’ve REALLY wanted to write a soilder, e-mail letters anything! jus a pen-pal to show how much i truely support our troops, and maybe give thoughs with no family back home someone to talk to and keep you connected with life over here! please help me find a way!!!!!! thank you christina
    email me at dewdrop1990@aol.com

  53. Sharon Says:

    Looking for any deployed soldiers, sailors, marines, or airmen to write letters. I have a friend who’s going back for a second tour and would like to help others who would like to correspond from someone stateside. Email me at alleghenysweetheart@yahoo.com. Thanks.

  54. Erica N Says:

    I would Love to do this i want to give back to all of our troops and help them in anyway possible i had friend out there who came home badley injured and i want to help keep anyone else from having to go through that so i wanna help.. Please let me know what i need to do thank you… God bless.. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  55. Caroline :) Says:

    Hey there! If there are any soilders wanting/needing a pen-pal from good ol’ Virginia to talk to feel free to E-mail me! Thank you for everything ya’ll do!
    -Caroline :grin:

  56. susan haas Says:

    to any soldiers that would like to write, or email me. please feel free to do so. you will probably get letters from my children and their friends too. for they are sympathetic to the war,and are wishing all of you get to come home soon. my children and their friends are between 16-22 years of age. i figure any young soldiers could write to them some one more their age to relate to,be friends with. i am 46. so any age for me. to talk with like a mother or friend. i will be looking forward to getting some mail from any of you. the more the better. sincerely, susan haas

  57. soldierswife Says:

    To the last 2 people who have posted thier personal information- phone numbers and adresses-Please read the Troop Support links. There a number of organizations that can link you to a soldier to corraspond with. Putting up such personal information, while it is with good intentions, is not a wise choice. Our soliders are very busy and would love to hear from you. And in dealing with said organizations you can send them care package of things they have specifically asked for. These groups are very special and are 100% genuine. They only have our troops best interest in mind. So again, please look at the Troop Support link, please don’t post your personal information. For your own saftey.

  58. Kat in GA: A Soldiers Angel Says:

    Arianna… Not sure what you mean by “difficult.” I’m a member of Soldiers Angels, Web of Support and Adoptaplatoon. (have been with adoptaplatoon for seven years now). The reason they ask for the information they do (full name, address, and phone number) and conduct telephonic interviews of people applying to adopt soldiers is solely for the safety of the soldiers being adopted…they (the organizations) take the security and safety of the soldiers very, very seriously. Plus, they want to make sure that we (the adopters) understand that adopting a soldier is a *very* serious, very big commitment and not something to be done lightly… i.e., a letter here, a letter, there, and ‘oh gosh, I never heard from my soldier so I’m not going to write anymore.’ It involves some serious dedication and absolutely, totally, completely *unconditional* support to continue sending letters at least once a week, EVERY week, for six, nine, 12 or 18 months straight while they are deployed - oftentimes without EVER hearing a single peep from the one we adopt. They just want to make sure that the soldiers really will be well cared-for once they are adopted out. I don’t know if you were referring to the ‘process’ of adopting a soldier, or just navigating the websites in general… but anyway, I hope this helps some!