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American Soldier says,

I’m just confused here and no one is really answering. I will admit that @WR can write very well but there is something strange about the whole situation. There is a @WR on Chucks site. That @WR doesn’t know who this @WR is and the site he has created. The @WR doesn’t know of Chucks (TC Override) site or how all those posts were put up to direct people to his site. There were a few Milblog sites that got hacked and they happened to direct it to his (@WR) site without the author (@WR) knowing about it.

Anyone care to explain?

I mean if this person is legit then fine but if he is lying and leading people by their emotions I’m going to be pissed. I am not sure because this person can write as if he is there but there is this looming question.

@WR - Email me and we can talk.

**Update - All is good in the Milblog land. @WR is not going to eat your children so visit the site. **

13 Responses to “@WR”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Let us know what you find out b/c after reading Chuck’s “I’ve been hacked” post and @WR’s comment “I have a blog?” I am confused too!!

    Thanks AS!!

  2. @WR Says:

    email sent

  3. Kat in GA: A Soldiers' Angel Says:

    Standing by for further info…. am very curious to see how this all ends up!

  4. @WR Says:

    Still waiting to hear from him :beer:

    Have an appt here in a few so I hope its soon.

  5. @WR Says:

    Follow on email sent

  6. Caty Says:

    Y’all are making me dizzy!!!!

    Will the real @WR please stand up!?!?

  7. Raging Mom Says:

    I think “plausible deniability” (ahem) caused Chuck’s site to be “hacked”.

  8. American Soldier Says:

    Chat in progress

  9. @WR Says:

    Raging Mom…
    An officer would never need to maintain plausibile deniability ;)
    I truely believe that those damn Montevideo-ians are just ruthless.

  10. American Soldier Says:


  11. Kat in GA: A Soldiers' Angel Says:

    Cool! I found @WR blog last night… will be linking it soon, since it has the “American Soldier Stamp of Approval!” :mrgreen:

  12. alexa kim Says:

    I’m very relieved to see this! Ok, I’ll give it another chance.

  13. Peggy Durham Says:

    Would love to talk you some of you that are serving at this time to get the feel of what it’s like over there and you thoughts and opinions.

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