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Finishing my book(s).

American Soldier says,

The crowd that has been around for a while know that I wrote a book at one time. It sits idle in a folder named ‘Book’. It ends when I came back from a deployment that never sent me overseas. It details about 6 months of my life during the deployment and parts of my life that dive into the core of who I am.

Then there is the aspect of what happened after the book was finished and the eventual deployment to Iraq.

I wonder if such a book would still be marketable?

If you are a publisher, know a publisher or are generally interested in my book, let me know.

2 Responses to “Finishing my book(s).”

  1. SoldiersAngelCJ Says:

    I am not a publisher, nor do I know any, but you bet I would buy your book!!

  2. AFSister Says:

    I do know a publisher actually- same one that published Toby Nunn’s book. They’re called Authur House. They’re a 401k client of mine. I don’t know who does the actual publishing there, but I do have some decent contacts. They’re an on-demand publisher and handle a lot of non-fiction.
    Email me at afsister@gmail.com if you’re still in need.

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