Fox News Interview – For what its worth

American Soldier says, I won’t be misquoted. Hence no Fox coverage for me. Here is what I said when asked these two questions. It didn’t make it into the story. Do I think that the troops feel bad that the senate now doubts the case for war? My whole quote: […]

Another chapter yet written

American Soldier says, Today accompanied by my wife and children I met with my new unit and took the oath of enlistment. The picture above was found on the net. I thought it was significant because the photo are Soldiers re-enlisting at Ziggurat of Ur, a famous archaeological site in […]

Reserve your copy today!

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Over There

American Soldier says, I commented earlier this week that I liked the show Over There to a certain degree. However I want to clarify and say that I think alot of it is a bunch of hoopla. It is Hollywood and I wish the producers would have consulted some people […]

Heavy hands…

American Soldier says, ©American Soldier 2007 The wounds revealed and the stories that go along with it. The many reasons behind our flag are vast. For most the comprehension of what is given in order to preserve freedom is unimaginable. The loss of life. The failed marriages. The absolute horror […]

Medical Hold & Walter Reed

American Soldier says, It saddens me to think of the on going issue of soldiers being treated like shit while recovering back in the US. I have been reading about JR Salzman and his stay at Walter Reed. I am stunned and somewhat embarrassed to know that the Army isn’t […]

Fox News Interview

American Soldier says, I was interviewed by Fox News yesterday about the closed door sessions that transpired earlier this week. Certain questions asked were: “Do I think that the troops feel bad that the senate now doubts the case for war?” “Do I think the probe into the case for […]

Soldier Life: A Day in the Life of an American Soldier

American Soldier says, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: LeeAnn Lessard LBF Books, Public Relations Pittsburgh, PA 613-797-7578 LBF Books SOLDIER LIFE: A DAY IN THE LIFE OF AN AMERICAN SOLDIER New Book Detailing the Everyday Life of an American Soldier’s Experience with The War on Terror from LBF Books PITTSBURGH, […]

Levitra online

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The Meaning of Things

Red2Alpha says, The licence plate frame on my car says: EARN YOUR FREEDOM SERVE YOUR COUNTRY Aside from the CIB and Jump Wings stickers on my rear window you would never know I’m a vet. Back in JR high I first became aware of just what a CIB, Combat Infantrymen’s […]