Some people piss me off

American Soldier says, The MSM pisses me off the most. We had a shitty event happen this week but did we miss that 130 + people died in Iraq today from an suicidal bomber? Holy shit, we lose 30 American soldiers in Iraq and it’s page 6. This isn’t lessening […]

Act of disrespect

American Soldier says, Last night AS and I went out to do some shopping. It was a spur of the moment “let’s get a sitter and go out” thing. We haven’t been out alone in a few weeks so we were both looking forward to the time alone. So the […]

If I die in Iraq

American Soldier says, I know this mindset. I stumbled across this video this morning and it really brought me back. While holding my baby daughter in my arms I clicked on this video. I’ve never really spoken or written of the day I got hurt. The exact details and what […]

Welcome to the real suck!

American Soldier says, Where does one begin to recoup from a war? So many people say that by going to a counselor and talking about it that you will be ok. “It’s going to take time.” I cannot put it all into words. I am having trouble with normalcy. I […]

The latest

American Soldier says, I want to let everyone know that AS has been injured. He was hurt in an IED attack. It is not life threatening and he should be OK. But he has been injured none the less. He is taking it easy the next few days before he […]

There are no men in black here

American Soldier says, There are no men in black here. This area that I am in is a slum hole. Some areas are built up like shacks upon shacks. Hidden nooks and holes in many of the walls for snipers to take pop shots at you. The roads are all […]

Project Valour-IT Competition

American Soldier says, In the name of fun, this will be a competition amoung the services. Civilians are up for grabs. Head on over to Blackfive and read the entire post. Want to be part of something big? Valour-IT’s online fundraising competition begins today! Let’s see who can raise the […]

Finishing my book(s)

American Soldier says, The crowd that has been around for a while know that I wrote a book at one time. It sits idle in a folder named ‘Book’. It ends when I came back from a deployment that never sent me overseas. It details about 6 months of my […]

Just watch…

American Soldier says, I don’t understand the stance that the populace has taken towards our military. I feel as if I went off and did the wrong thing at times. Why can’t people see that we fight for a greater cause? We sacrifice so you can have freedoms. We don’t […]

General ‘Black Jack’ Pershing

American Soldier says, Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring forth a legend in Military history. A man that made a decision that in these times would most likely get him shot or dragged into the brig or both. This is due to the fact that we have weak minded, too soft […]