A day in the life of an American Soldier. The personal passages of everything from family life to war.


February 2009

02-17-2009 03:44PM: Finishing my book(s).

November 2008

11-26-2008 11:49PM: Thanksgiving 2008
11-12-2008 11:20AM: Project Valour-IT
11-02-2008 09:17AM: Good to go!

October 2008

10-23-2008 05:34PM: The draw down
10-22-2008 07:43PM: The News
10-21-2008 03:43PM: Who reads this?

March 2008

03-31-2008 11:43AM: Uncommon Valor

February 2008

02-13-2008 11:22AM: VA Mortgage Center

January 2008

01-11-2008 01:10PM: Veterans’ Affairs

December 2007

12-29-2007 03:44PM: News - Bhutto - Tigers oh my!
12-12-2007 04:31PM: Feedback - Thoughts
12-10-2007 12:14AM: At a cross road and Soldierlife.

November 2007

11-07-2007 05:00PM: Change of Mission - Weblog Awards 2007
11-02-2007 04:22PM: The 2007 Weblog Awards is now open.
11-01-2007 12:30PM: Gauntlet of thoughts

October 2007

10-08-2007 11:45AM: Remembering

September 2007

09-09-2007 04:40PM: Now my husband is a burden?
09-06-2007 01:51PM: Looking within yourself

August 2007

08-20-2007 07:55AM: Va Mortgage Center.com
08-12-2007 06:56PM: How things have been

July 2007

07-07-2007 09:40AM: The high road or low.

June 2007

06-28-2007 01:09PM: I’d like to run you off the road!
06-20-2007 09:08AM: Pay your damn taxes!
06-09-2007 11:44PM: So it goes forward
06-08-2007 07:46PM: Time

May 2007

05-30-2007 06:36AM: To Late
05-27-2007 10:37AM: If you’re reading this
05-23-2007 08:12PM: Missing soldier update.
05-21-2007 11:55AM: Rules of Engagement - VBIED
05-15-2007 09:33PM: 500000 - Half a million mark
05-13-2007 11:05PM: The waiting room…
05-09-2007 06:39PM: Heavy hands…
05-08-2007 11:05PM: The words of support.
05-06-2007 11:21AM: The experience of Walter Reed - Final
05-05-2007 06:22AM: Milblog Conference 2007
05-03-2007 07:57PM: The experience of Walter Reed Part 2.
05-03-2007 12:44PM: BANG!
05-01-2007 06:03AM: The experience of Walter Reed Part 1.

April 2007

04-30-2007 06:24AM: AS @ WR
04-27-2007 06:10PM: So true
04-18-2007 10:19PM: Just watch…
04-18-2007 09:13PM: Some people piss me off
04-18-2007 03:39AM: The Meaning of Things
04-12-2007 08:34AM: Act of disrespect
04-11-2007 04:59AM: Letters Home
04-10-2007 04:50PM: The sounds of war
04-08-2007 03:00PM: Easter in Baghdad
04-02-2007 05:00PM: Prayer Request
04-01-2007 09:38PM: The UK soldier hostage situation.

March 2007

03-29-2007 10:48AM: Red2Alpha Hates the Internet
03-27-2007 07:11PM: This fight and where I go.
03-17-2007 09:48PM: Impromptu Interview
03-15-2007 12:12PM: Andy Rooney says I’m “The bottom of the barrel”.
03-15-2007 08:43AM: @WR
03-11-2007 11:03PM: Red Tape and me!
03-06-2007 11:48PM: Words to live by!
03-04-2007 11:53PM: Big Interview II
03-01-2007 05:52PM: When it rain it really pours!

February 2007

02-27-2007 01:07PM: Army Combat Uniform
02-22-2007 11:02PM: The meaning of life.
02-21-2007 03:49PM: Red2Alpha joins the American Soldier site.
02-20-2007 03:46PM: Medical Hold & Walter Reed
02-17-2007 03:07PM: Britney Spears
02-15-2007 10:39AM: Nominations are now Open for the 2006 Milbloggies
02-07-2007 10:42PM: Astronauts more of a story than Iraq!

January 2007

01-25-2007 11:28AM: If I die in Iraq
01-24-2007 11:48AM: The power of the Mil-Blogger!
01-17-2007 11:14AM: 9pds 3oz’s of miracle
01-13-2007 05:53PM: Nothing to do with the Military.
01-12-2007 10:57PM: Best Military Blog Contest.
01-07-2007 11:27AM: Some people deserve it!
01-04-2007 03:52PM: Pin-ups for Vets 2007 Calendar

December 2006

12-30-2006 12:20AM: Saddam Dead!
12-26-2006 12:41PM: Recruited Foreigners = Mercenaries?
12-24-2006 03:17PM: A Soldier’s Christmas Tale.
12-05-2006 09:49PM: Best Military Blog 2006
12-04-2006 11:24AM: The decision you have to live with.
12-02-2006 12:50PM: CIB vs CAB

November 2006

11-22-2006 11:30AM: Rainy Days & Recruiters
11-21-2006 02:18PM: 2006 Weblog Awards
11-08-2006 01:47PM: Rumsfeld down…
11-07-2006 09:58PM: So eloquently said.
11-03-2006 12:05PM: My encounter with Anti-War protesters.
11-01-2006 10:56AM: ‘Get educated, or get stuck in Iraq’

October 2006

10-30-2006 11:19AM: Project Valout-IT
10-13-2006 12:34AM: The Sandbox
10-09-2006 12:04AM: North Korea has done a bad thing
10-02-2006 12:11PM: What’s going on with our Schools?

September 2006

09-28-2006 02:19PM: And it’s here.
09-27-2006 10:23AM: It’s coming…..
09-21-2006 04:51PM: For what it’s worth!
09-11-2006 03:53PM: Where were you? 9/11
09-08-2006 07:35PM: A must read…

August 2006

08-29-2006 07:41PM: Howdy!

July 2006

07-18-2006 01:15PM: My trip, a random meeting and Soldier Life the book.

June 2006

06-30-2006 02:37PM: Epiphany
06-26-2006 09:56AM: General ‘Black Jack’ Pershing
06-23-2006 10:30AM: Another day in the Neighborhood
06-13-2006 04:53PM: Rush Limbaugh - This makes total sense!
06-08-2006 09:59AM: Al Zaqawi

May 2006

05-23-2006 04:26PM: Just droppin’ in
05-06-2006 09:01AM: Zarqawi fumbling
05-06-2006 08:49AM: British Helicopter crash
05-05-2006 01:47AM: Stranger in a strange land

April 2006

04-25-2006 12:04PM: A day in the life of an American Soldier.
04-19-2006 11:56AM: Welcome to the real suck!
04-17-2006 10:51PM: Emails to me
04-14-2006 09:04AM: Slow Adjustment
04-03-2006 11:27PM: The nerve of some people!
04-02-2006 12:14AM: Piss poor coverage of the War!

March 2006

03-28-2006 11:15AM: The angle of it all
03-22-2006 07:19AM: More on the lateset
03-10-2006 07:16AM: The latest
03-03-2006 03:40PM: How things are going

February 2006

02-11-2006 08:19AM: There are no men in black here
02-05-2006 07:57PM: What he’s up to
02-01-2006 02:21PM: Charlie Mike

January 2006

01-29-2006 03:11AM: The Fog of War
01-23-2006 06:07AM: This thing working?
01-21-2006 01:54PM: How he’s doing
01-13-2006 06:34PM: Holy Sand Mud Batman!
01-12-2006 11:07AM: Leaving on a Jet Plane
01-07-2006 08:52AM: The latest

December 2005

12-29-2005 10:33PM: XBOX 360
12-24-2005 10:31AM: Merry Christmas
12-15-2005 08:36PM: Update
12-06-2005 08:08PM: Lets do this again!
12-03-2005 10:36PM: “…..it is worth fighting for!”
12-03-2005 09:18AM: Book decision
12-01-2005 11:41AM: Soldier Life - Status

November 2005

11-30-2005 08:28AM: My Milblogging Interview
11-28-2005 12:22AM: Blackfive talking about Milblogging
11-26-2005 08:47AM: The closet ate my wallet
11-24-2005 08:05PM: Thanks for Giving
11-23-2005 08:24PM: Just checking in
11-20-2005 11:27PM: Soldier Life - The Book
11-19-2005 06:09PM: Update on Proposition I
11-18-2005 12:38AM: STOP THE PRESS!
11-15-2005 02:26PM: 2005 Weblog Awards - Nominations Open
11-15-2005 11:02AM: Proposition I - A disgrace!
11-13-2005 01:30AM: Me
11-11-2005 09:29AM: Veteran’s Day 2005
11-10-2005 08:08AM: Project Valour-IT Competition - Completed
11-09-2005 12:17AM: From Captain Chuck “TCOverride” Ziegenfuss
11-07-2005 12:44AM: Fox News Interview - For what its worth
11-04-2005 04:43PM: Deck O’ Bloggers 2005
11-04-2005 09:12AM: Project Valour-IT - Testament
11-03-2005 11:23AM: Fox News Interview
11-02-2005 11:26PM: The curse of military drama
11-02-2005 09:41AM: Project Valour-IT Competition
11-01-2005 08:15PM: Jarhead vs. Gunner Palace
11-01-2005 12:19AM: Anyone looking to adopt a Soldier?

October 2005

10-31-2005 12:16AM: Advance Reading Copy
10-28-2005 08:08PM: Christmas from Home Drive
10-26-2005 12:31PM: Military Blogger going to Embed
10-25-2005 06:58AM: Amazon pulled through!
10-24-2005 10:10PM: Goodnight Mrs. Rosa Parks
10-24-2005 05:15PM: MSM Sharks and the War!
10-22-2005 05:05PM: One of those days!
10-20-2005 09:51AM: CNN - Gotta love em!
10-20-2005 12:44AM: Things are a brewing….
10-17-2005 07:07AM: Computer Geek
10-14-2005 03:03PM: Soldier Life at Barnes & Noble
10-13-2005 09:33AM: Reverse reflection
10-09-2005 10:16AM: Books - October
10-07-2005 10:26PM: WGBH Program - Frontline
10-04-2005 11:41AM: Spoils of Life
10-01-2005 03:30PM: Serenity Movie?

September 2005

09-29-2005 12:43PM: Up on Amazon….but
09-29-2005 10:37AM: Groggy Head
09-27-2005 02:29PM: Right on!
09-26-2005 05:53PM: First day back to work
09-25-2005 08:30AM: Fall is upon us
09-22-2005 10:39AM: Busy this weekend?
09-22-2005 09:57AM: MSM’s are scared of me!
09-19-2005 04:31PM: Just a thought
09-19-2005 01:17PM: The Storm I left Behind II
09-16-2005 09:17AM: The Storm I left behind
09-11-2005 08:51AM: Quick Update
09-07-2005 08:03PM: Another day
09-07-2005 07:47AM: Working hard
09-05-2005 07:48AM: Update #2
09-04-2005 07:41AM: Update on American Soldier
09-01-2005 04:48PM: I’ve been called up for mobilization

August 2005

08-31-2005 04:12PM: What have you done for your country today?
08-31-2005 12:26PM: Technical Issues
08-30-2005 07:51PM: Thoughts in Solitude
08-27-2005 03:58PM: Another chapter yet written
08-25-2005 01:38PM: Send a prayer out for Soldier’s Mom and Noah
08-25-2005 09:28AM: Peaceful Breeze
08-24-2005 01:05AM: A book to check out!
08-22-2005 09:53PM: Some Random Thoughts
08-21-2005 02:06PM: Reserve your copy today!
08-20-2005 07:09PM: Aside from the Book
08-19-2005 08:48AM: Book Signup
08-18-2005 08:07PM: Soldier Life: A Day in the Life of an American Soldier
08-17-2005 02:43PM: Do you like suspense?
08-15-2005 09:51AM: Project Valour IT
08-14-2005 11:19PM: The VA and their grand plan
08-12-2005 12:41PM: Over There Episode 3
08-11-2005 04:48PM: Scheduled Surgery
08-08-2005 10:28AM: Losing People & Life
08-02-2005 11:28AM: Over There

July 2005

07-26-2005 12:52PM: On and off days
07-19-2005 08:48AM: William C. Westmoreland
07-18-2005 05:40PM: I’m still standing!
07-12-2005 09:57AM: This blog, one year later
07-07-2005 10:12AM: Little by little
07-02-2005 10:10AM: Adjusting

June 2005

06-27-2005 12:09PM: Protected: Arlington and the trip home
06-24-2005 09:01AM: Protected: Last stretch in North Carolina
06-21-2005 01:47AM: Protected: Roach Motel, Singing & Racing - Myrtle Beach
06-19-2005 11:39AM: Protected: The trip out - South Carolina
06-17-2005 09:26AM: Protected: This chapter is done.
06-14-2005 09:32AM: Protected: Caught in the moment
06-14-2005 09:03AM: Protected: He’s a smooth criminal
06-11-2005 01:28PM: Protected: Progressing and some helpful answers
06-07-2005 08:46AM: Protected: It keeps piling up
06-06-2005 09:17AM: Protected: The Waiting Game
06-01-2005 06:22PM: Protected: Upgrade in Order

May 2005

05-30-2005 08:46AM: Protected: Remember
05-23-2005 10:33AM: Protected: Cutting the Red Tape
05-20-2005 11:04AM: Protected: The Warriors’ Walk
05-14-2005 06:20PM: Protected: Pondering options
05-09-2005 06:21PM: Protected: A sigh of relief and things to come
05-06-2005 03:02PM: Protected: When it rains it pours!
05-04-2005 02:27PM: Protected: 28 May 2005, Soldier Support Rally & Concert
05-03-2005 10:33AM: Protected: Seasons of Life
05-01-2005 06:17PM: Protected: American Soldier down for the count

April 2005

04-20-2005 03:24PM: Protected: Stolen Service Flag!
04-20-2005 08:48AM: Protected: A Soldiers’ Wife
04-20-2005 08:34AM: Protected: Milestone - 150,000
04-18-2005 10:51PM: Protected: 150,000th Visitor
04-14-2005 01:00AM: Protected: A Soldier Comes Home
04-08-2005 12:46PM: Protected: My Pulitzer Prize Photos
04-05-2005 02:01PM: Protected: Fun in the sun (NTC)
04-04-2005 07:53PM: Protected: These Hands
04-01-2005 12:16PM: Protected: Here in the Sandbowl (NTC)

March 2005

03-28-2005 10:50PM: Protected: Public Display of Humiliation
03-28-2005 09:50AM: Protected: Crazy Talk - Shadow
03-26-2005 09:46PM: Protected: The light is within view
03-23-2005 01:26PM: Protected: America’s Muddy Diplomats
03-20-2005 10:27AM: Protected: Sick, Tired and all that good stuff.
03-16-2005 09:34PM: Protected: GreyHawk’s Second
03-13-2005 09:21AM: Protected: Some Ideas and Some Updates
03-11-2005 09:01AM: Protected: Don’t F*** the Troops
03-09-2005 06:11PM: Protected: How Ben Stein Feels
03-08-2005 10:24PM: Protected: Admin Note and the Articles.
03-07-2005 01:15PM: Protected: Welcome ArmyTimes reader.
03-07-2005 11:45AM: Protected: Scattered Thoughts and Frustration
03-06-2005 09:54AM: Protected: From Martha to Injured Hostages.
03-04-2005 01:29PM: Protected: Army Times Article
03-04-2005 02:28AM: Protected: Gunner Palace
03-04-2005 02:11AM: Protected: LA Times Writer Bias

February 2005

02-28-2005 07:51PM: Protected: Leadership
02-27-2005 08:38PM: Protected: Instinctual Outlook
02-24-2005 09:10AM: Protected: Iraqi Freedom Medal of Honor
02-23-2005 11:04AM: Protected: Awesome Training
02-17-2005 10:35AM: Protected: Warm Floors & Dusty Floors
02-14-2005 09:50AM: Protected: For the moment
02-11-2005 12:31PM: Protected: So Far Away
02-08-2005 09:16AM: Protected: Old to New
02-04-2005 07:06AM: Protected: Myriad of thoughts
02-01-2005 07:49AM: Protected: A quick note

January 2005

01-30-2005 10:03PM: Protected: A Lull
01-27-2005 11:07AM: Protected: The small things we forget
01-24-2005 08:08PM: Protected: As the sun goes down
01-22-2005 07:03PM: Protected: Convoy Training & Mortal Thoughts
01-20-2005 12:24PM: Protected: My Steady Aim
01-19-2005 12:29AM: Protected: Embrace the suck!
01-17-2005 03:28PM: Protected: Beg, Borrow or Steal!
01-16-2005 06:45PM: Protected: Who I am
01-16-2005 02:18PM: Protected: Frago Frago Frago!
01-12-2005 06:48PM: Protected: Train, train and more training!
01-10-2005 07:54PM: Protected: Situation Report
01-06-2005 12:54AM: Protected: Dedication and Fundraiser - SPC. Mahlenbrock
01-05-2005 07:49PM: Protected: The ones I will serve with
01-02-2005 10:21AM: Protected: Things to come
01-01-2005 10:23AM: Protected: Donation Status

December 2004

12-31-2004 07:46PM: Protected: The Strength of Family
12-29-2004 10:11AM: Protected: Tsunami
12-26-2004 10:48AM: Protected: Today we tell our children
12-24-2004 05:05PM: Protected: The Holidays
12-23-2004 03:17PM: Protected: The list
12-22-2004 04:23PM: Protected: The green light has been given.
12-22-2004 12:52AM: Protected: Mosul & my thoughts.
12-20-2004 11:14AM: Protected: The price of this fight.
12-19-2004 12:08AM: Protected: Random tired thoughts.
12-17-2004 08:28AM: Protected: Donating to Soldiers
12-15-2004 12:59PM: Protected: In memory of Spc. Mahlenbrock
12-14-2004 12:51PM: Protected: Warrior’s Last Request
12-14-2004 10:14AM: Protected: Scott Peterson
12-13-2004 12:09AM: Protected: One year ago “We got him!”
12-11-2004 05:48PM: Protected: Civilian to Sniper
12-10-2004 10:45AM: Protected: Make your mind think.
12-09-2004 04:32PM: Protected: Warrior’s Last Request
12-09-2004 01:36AM: Protected: “What can I get you for Christmas?”
12-07-2004 10:45AM: Protected: “What inspired you and some of your friends to enlist in the army and go off to war?”
12-06-2004 12:38PM: Protected: Struggling from within
12-05-2004 04:01AM: Protected: Welcome to the new American Soldier website.
12-03-2004 01:04AM: Protected: Been Busy

November 2004

11-30-2004 03:16AM: Protected: American Soldier - Song Writer
11-29-2004 02:05AM: Protected: Mail Time!
11-25-2004 09:56AM: Protected: Happy Thanksgiving to you all too!
11-22-2004 11:25AM: Protected: My open letter to Kevin Sites.
11-19-2004 03:28PM: Protected: MSM & The Marine issue.
11-18-2004 01:18PM: Protected: The Essence of War
11-17-2004 11:05AM: Protected: ETS Sweet-Tee-Ish!
11-15-2004 10:52PM: Protected: Marines killing an INNOCENT Terrorist!
11-14-2004 01:30PM: Protected: Dream/Reality/Story - Part 2.
11-11-2004 03:32PM: Protected: My fellow Brother’s & Sister’s in Arms.
11-10-2004 11:53AM: Protected: Dream/Reality/Story - Part 1.
11-08-2004 09:38AM: Protected: Love & War
11-05-2004 01:12PM: Protected: I’m BlogORED!
11-03-2004 09:51AM: Protected: Hurry up and wait!
11-01-2004 02:29PM: Protected: This vote!

October 2004

10-31-2004 10:59AM: Protected: Small email update.
10-30-2004 01:10PM: Protected: So it begins…the battle for Fallujah
10-28-2004 11:42AM: Protected: Think for a moment
10-26-2004 03:51PM: Protected: Insurgents and some ranting.
10-22-2004 11:58AM: Protected: Margaret Hassan - CARE Worker
10-18-2004 02:39PM: Protected: What could of been.
10-16-2004 01:26AM: Protected: Soldier’s refuse to deliver fuel.
10-15-2004 08:34AM: Protected: Who are the Iraqi people electing?
10-11-2004 02:15PM: Protected: Do you believe in Miracles?
10-11-2004 11:36AM: Protected: I thought this was neat.
10-10-2004 04:52PM: Protected: I’ve noticed something strange today.
10-08-2004 09:07AM: Protected: So I watched Fahrenheit 911
10-04-2004 11:42AM: Protected: Beyond the wire stare.

September 2004

09-30-2004 09:08AM: Protected: I only wonder….
09-29-2004 08:19AM: Protected: U.S. ‘Milibloggers’, Iraqi Bloggers Discuss War-Time Experiences
09-28-2004 10:32AM: Protected: Comfortable Silence.
09-27-2004 01:11AM: Protected: You all are some nice people!
09-26-2004 01:59PM: Protected: Welcome AP Readers.
09-23-2004 08:14AM: Protected: Hurry up and wait!
09-21-2004 11:57AM: Protected: Forward MARCH!
09-20-2004 08:43AM: Protected: Tempt me if you will.
09-17-2004 01:10PM: Protected: I just hate people somedays!
09-15-2004 11:19PM: Protected: Poetic Justice
09-14-2004 01:31PM: Protected: Are we winning the Hearts & Minds of Iraqi’s?
09-12-2004 07:40PM: Protected: Will it be tomorrow, who knows?
09-10-2004 10:15PM: Protected: This is tough
09-09-2004 06:38PM: Protected: I should be happy but…..
09-08-2004 11:44AM: Protected: Media - Not all, but some of you are pricks!
09-07-2004 09:03AM: Protected: Here we go again!
09-06-2004 08:54AM: Protected: They got the wrong guy!
09-05-2004 07:39AM: Protected: LA Times Article
09-03-2004 05:01PM: Protected: That Russia situation.
09-02-2004 09:37AM: Protected: My vivid and colorful dreams.
09-01-2004 03:39PM: Protected: There is something brewing in Russia

August 2004

08-31-2004 01:05PM: Protected: Magazines, Newspapers, Press, etc.
08-30-2004 04:12PM: Protected: Election News! - War News! - Election News! - War News!
08-28-2004 09:30AM: Protected: First Blood - My Intro to Special Forces
08-27-2004 11:52AM: Protected: My concern with censorship and the real deal.
08-26-2004 11:54AM: Protected: I’m going to share some story’s with ya’ll.
08-25-2004 12:18PM: Protected: NPR News Article.
08-24-2004 02:16PM: Protected: What is wrong with the world & other dreams.
08-22-2004 12:13PM: Protected: Blog Smog
08-21-2004 12:50PM: Protected: As I lay my head down to sleep.
08-20-2004 12:43PM: Protected: CNN flips more often than Kerry!
08-19-2004 10:29AM: Protected: Comments and Interaction.
08-18-2004 12:37PM: Protected: Muqtada to quit his Mosque seige.
08-16-2004 11:16AM: Protected: Stand in the door!
08-13-2004 09:29PM: Protected: 10,000 Hits!
08-12-2004 01:45PM: Protected: I digress at times.
08-11-2004 01:09PM: Protected: So CNN tells us we are poised for a major battle!
08-10-2004 02:49PM: Protected: How will it play out?
08-09-2004 02:52PM: Protected: Muqtada al-Sadr (Small Rant)
08-06-2004 02:27PM: Protected: Something different
08-03-2004 08:53AM: Protected: Rumor Mills!

July 2004

07-31-2004 10:29AM: Protected: Reality of war and my personal struggle.
07-29-2004 05:18PM: Protected: My Email
07-28-2004 05:45PM: Protected: 4000 Hits!
07-28-2004 04:34AM: Protected: Not much today besides *grumble grumble*
07-27-2004 05:10AM: Protected: Bitter Sweetness
07-26-2004 10:47AM: Protected: Soldier’s Creed
07-23-2004 09:34PM: Protected: Where did you find me?
07-23-2004 04:47AM: Protected: The cost of freedom.
07-22-2004 04:41AM: Protected: Dreams
07-21-2004 10:35PM: Protected: The ‘Z’ monster is on my back.
07-20-2004 11:05AM: Protected: Behind this soldier is a special woman.
07-19-2004 03:32PM: Protected: Under fire!
07-18-2004 08:23PM: Protected: Well its official!
07-18-2004 12:26PM: Protected: Training hard to avoid blood.
07-17-2004 01:42AM: Protected: Training soldiers for war.
07-15-2004 11:10AM: Protected: My vent!
07-14-2004 12:58PM: Protected: Sitting next to the reaper!
07-13-2004 11:27AM: Protected: Orders….
07-12-2004 08:05PM: Protected: American Soldier