A day in the life of an American Soldier. The personal passages of everything from family life to war.

Book decision

American Soldier says,

So after getting the comments on the site and emails, it seems that the majority would like to have an actual book sitting on their shelves. So that is how I will move forward with this. With any luck, an agent will take the book under their wing and put some final touches on it and get it printed. I have not finalized with any other publishing house of agency so the book is on the table for the bidding.

So there you have it folks. The people have spoken.

Soldier Life - Status

American Soldier says,

I had raised a few eye brows by posting about bad or good news yesterday. Really it isn’t bad but some variables involved with the book.

LBF Books and I decided to part ways due to the creative direction in which I had envisioned for the book. There is no bad blood between us. So I have decided that I will seek another publishing house for Soldier Life.

There are a few options to explore and I have decided to get your opinion on it. I could release the book as an e-book. It would for the moment eliminate the cost and specifics when dealing with a print service. It would also give you the chance to actually have it sooner rather than later.

I have been discussing the book with a few other publishing houses so that leads me to the next option. It would be to wait for a few of them to get back to me and pursue the best one. However, that could be some time.

I know those who ordered the book looked forward to getting it sometime this month. Hence the e-book option. You could do what I did and take the PDF file and go to Kinko’s and have it printed. I think it looks pretty snappy.

Now you all know that I will soon be in Iraq. I can anticipate that I will become real busy as soon as I get there. So I don’t want to rush anything nor do I want to put this to the side.

Give me some feedback and I will take your opinions into consideration.

UPDATE: Some people have asked about the pre-order money they sent to LBF. They will be reimbursing all monies collected. As far as B&N and Amazon you can goto that account and refund the pre-order book. If you are having troubles you can contact LBF directly. However, I think it should be pretty painless

Soldier Life - The Book

American Soldier says,

Just a quick reminder that I do have a book coming out very soon, and it is available for pre-order. You can click on the book cover on the right hand side and it will bring you to the Amazon listing. If you don’t have an account through Amazon, then scroll down a little bit more and click on the Order from Barnes & Noble button.

I have seen the sale of it dwindling and wanted to remind you. Please note that portions of every book bought will be going to Operation Troop Appreciation & Soldiers’ Angels.

Don’t you want to know the behind the scenes story? The hidden meaning behind some passages? What happened when I left training? My Injury? Etc??

Well it’s all in the book.