A day in the life of an American Soldier. The personal passages of everything from family life to war.

Finishing my book(s).

American Soldier says,

The crowd that has been around for a while know that I wrote a book at one time. It sits idle in a folder named ‘Book’. It ends when I came back from a deployment that never sent me overseas. It details about 6 months of my life during the deployment and parts of my life that dive into the core of who I am.

Then there is the aspect of what happened after the book was finished and the eventual deployment to Iraq.

I wonder if such a book would still be marketable?

If you are a publisher, know a publisher or are generally interested in my book, let me know.

Thanksgiving 2008

American Soldier says,

As America wakes up this morning they will turn on the TV to see why we are fighting in these wars. Today is supposed to be a special day for our country, to celebrate why we are thankful and to gather family. For guys like myself, I will break bread with the men that I serve with here. We’ll play it off and pretend that we don’t care but deep down inside we all do. We all know what it’s like to be home and be with out families. That is not the case this year.

I am here now and I am thankful for being able to serve our great nation. The ability to serve is something that I wish all American’s could experience. What are you thankful this year?

Although I am half a world away from my loved ones I have not forgotten what home means to me. Between the hustle and bustle of normal life I can see where people can forget what they are thankful for.

So when you break bread this afternoon, say your grace and appreciate the opportunity to be there with your family and loved ones. Don’t allow the bullshit that others are trying to do to spoil your day. Turn the news off and know that those who serve will take care of this mess.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Project Valour-IT

American Soldier says,

So I will put it bluntly, if you want to support the troops then donate to this cause. For those who have been visiting this site then you will know the cause. For those who happen to be new, this cause provides voice activated laptops for our wounded warriors. Donate a $1 or more.

This donation does require you to pay through Paypal. Trust the site, I’ve used it many times.

DONATE! - I say that with a smile.