A day in the life of an American Soldier. The personal passages of everything from family life to war.

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American Soldier says,

AS is back in states. His injury has brought him home to recover. He is, for the moment, in a military hospital. He has run the gamet of testing to determine the outlook of things. And right now it’s a matter of time. He will be taking it slow for some time.

I’m sure most of you can imagine how he’s feeling right now. He has told me he’s doing alright and has accepeted his injury. He has also said that he feels like he has done what he wanted to do in Iraq. So at the moment he is doing well in that regards and just focusing on recovering.

I will be going out to see him this weekend. I will be gone for a few weeks. It will be wonderful to see him. We are both looking forward to it.

Hopefully the next post will be from him.

Thank you for the prayers and support

Mrs. AS

The latest

American Soldier says,

I want to let everyone know that AS has been injured. He was hurt in an IED attack. It is not life threatening and he should be OK. But he has been injured none the less. He is taking it easy the next few days before he gets further testing to determine the outcome of his injuries. He is not yet sure how this will effect his deployment. However, he is back with his unit but unable to go out on missions. He returned at his own request to be with his fellow soldiers.

He is trying to be in good spirits. But it can be hard to have to sit out on something you love doing. As i said it is not clear how this injury will impact his deployment. So both of us are taking it day by day. We are in more frequent contact since he is inside the wire. I think it helps us both to have that ability.

When we know more I will certainly let all of you know what will happen, as best I can. I want to say in advance, Thank you for the support and prayers. It means alot to us.

The Mrs.

How things are going

American Soldier says,

Hello All,

I wanted to let you all know how things are going. I have noticed you all stopping by and wishing us well.

AS has been extremely busy since his boots hit the ground. And even now, as I am sure everyone has read in the news, he is even busier. He does have some down time which is spent playing Xbox or watching a movie. We are in touch pretty often. I must say, I do love those 2AM phone calls.

He has been getting packages from home every other week. Lots of goodies to snack on and drawings from the children and other little things. He looks forward to them when he knows they are coming. And we have recieved our first package from him. A few carved figures from stone, a beautiful rug, and some other hand made gifts.

With any luck he should be able to drop a line in the next few days. So drop in to say hi. I know that he does keep up on the site. Posting is just tricky for him.

Thank you all for the prayers. We have felt them on many different occassions.

Mrs. AS