A day in the life of an American Soldier. The personal passages of everything from family life to war.

Charlie Mike

American Soldier says,

I only have a minute but just want to drop by. No shit there I was in Iraq and I got pegged by shrapnel from an IED explosion. Good thing for body armor! Gotta love it.

Shock up but I am good to go. So Charlie Mike ( Continue Mission). I promise something more in depth later.


The Fog of War

American Soldier says,

In the fog of war the measure of mistake can cost ones life. No amount of training can ever prepare you when you have to make split second decisions. This exact mindset was introduced to me very recently. In the area in which I perform missions the rules of engagement are very cut and dry. Certain things are black and white. It is the variables that can occur where you are not the only one tasked with implementing such rules.

I’d rather not share some of the further details; I’d rather just forget some of the things that occurred. This war sucks sometimes and today I am feeling the affect. I couldn’t even tell you what day it is right now. I will cheat and look at my calendar after I write this. I am tired, worn out and feeling sort of melancholy.

Some days are good and some days are very long. Today was a long day. Another mission awaits me tonight and I have no problem with that. This is my purpose here. Being a Soldier makes me proud, it’s the in between part that can be tough. So this is my entry for today. I wish I had the energy to post more but for now, I endure the affects of war.

I’ve decided to name my rifle, Chasity. It’s the middle name of my wife. She has been the little angel on my shoulder that helps me when I need it. Today I will clean Chasity and prepare her for another day outside the wire.

I love you hon. I miss you too.

This thing working?

American Soldier says,

Well I figured I best drop on by before everyone thinks I’m never coming back. I have been a very busy soldier since I have arrived. Missions are a constant and I don’t mind it in the least. I can say that I live in probably the shittiest and most dangerous part of Iraq. The barracks are cramped, the season is cold but when it comes to missions all is forgotten. I don’t care what you read, the insurgency is consistent. Every day my FOB gets mortared. We send our counter fire out and square them away but they are at it again the next day.

I’ve got a trusty Sniper rifle assigned to me and she is old but very reliable. I haven’t figured out a name for her yet. The men I am with are very seasoned and I am happy to be a part of their organization. I had some reservations to joining a unit that has been together since the beginning but they have accepted me and that was a nice relief.

So here I am and you can expect more posts. I am still trying to get a consistent internet connection but I am in shit hole of a place so it’s not as accommodated as outer base camps.

Talk to you soon.