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One of those days!

American Soldier says,

I originally put up a video by Toby Keith but realized that not everyone has high speed Internet. So for now I will just write a post.

Today was a lazy day for me. I relaxed for the majority of it. Taking some time to take in the changing scenery that is succumbing to the New England weather. The leaves have begun to change and the days are much shorter. The air has the scent of wood stoves. The crispness of fall air surrounds the peaceful environment that I call my home.

I often think about my brothers who are not here to enjoy this season in their life. It is a bittersweet feeling. I do know that next year for them will be that much more sweeter for them.

So I will leave you with this.

We have moments in our lives that open our eyes to things that would normally be overlooked.
Day in and day out we carry on with our lives.
Whether preparing for a mission or packing your lunch for the day at your civilian job.
The minutes go at the same pace no matter who you are.
We either just miss or get immersed in our reality at different speeds.

Peaceful Breeze

American Soldier says,

There I was in the middle of the night.
The breeze flows over my body like strands of silk.
My mind wanders with thoughts.
The sound of crickets and frogs just outside my window.
How I appreciate the sound of peace.

Where is this life going to take me?
What purpose do I serve?
Have I given all I’ve got?

The mindset quickly changes to love.
Oh how I love to look into my daughter’s dark eyes.
Peeking at me as I awake in the morning sometimes.
Her innocent smile and radiance of love.
Where shall she go in life?

The twist of fates brought me to my wife.
How much life would be different without her.
Life is a strange game that we are subjected to.
Given a life and quickly age to responsibility.

Where does it go from here?
Who shall I meet?
Will I make a difference to the world?

Lessen the thoughts by appreciating what you have.
When life seems tough and all feels lost.
Open a window and let the breeze flow over you.
Then close your eyes and sleep in peace.
All will be revealed tomorrow.

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American Soldier says,

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