A day in the life of an American Soldier. The personal passages of everything from family life to war.

Good to go!

American Soldier says,

Alas, the final Sunday before I depart. So much has happened since starting to prepare to go. It feels exactly like a military deployment but not exactly. I know that it’s not but my wife and I have prepared as if it is. The paperwork shuffle, talking to friends and family, etc. We’ve been at it none stop for nearly two weeks. I found myself changing out a check valve for my well yesterday and I am the furthest from being a plumber. Good thing for proper tools! I was also adding border insulation for my windows yesterday as well. My wife made a comment that I have never prepared this much before leaving. I just told her that I wanted to make sure things were squared away so she wouldn’t have to worry about it.

As I write this I look around on my desk and see the new and old comfort devices that I will be bringing with me. Music – check, movies – check, camera – check, laptop – good to go!

Today we will have some friends and family come over for a ‘see you in a few months’ party. I wanted this to be about just seeing them before I depart. Goodbye parties are too depressing anyway. I wrote about one of mine in the book The Sandbox. It’s always awkward when it’s time for people to leave. The slow walk to the door, saying those last few words and the emotional departure. I didn’t want that this time around.

So right now everything is falling into place and it’s just a matter of waiting for the departure date to come. I am feeling real good about this mission. I have missed the brotherhood and I sure to find it while I am there. Life has been interesting since I got out of the Army last year. I had plenty of time to reflect on things and where I am in life. One of the best decisions of my life thus far was to leave the Army completely. The reason why I say that is I needed to see what my life was all about. I placed a few bad habits in the ground and became a stronger person, mentally and physically. Oh yeah, I grew some guns this past year!

I won’t go into a reflection session but things seem to have prepared me for this moment. So if that isn’t a sign then I don’t know what is.

Thos are my thoughts for the day. Carpe Diem!

The draw down

American Soldier says,

The days are now numbers as I await for my departure date. The feeling is different with this trip. Again I find myself on the verge of leaving but this is not a military deployment. There is no safety net that is all around me from the time I show to the moment I arrive on a FOB. Although I will be on a FOB when I do get there.

The last few days have consisted of many phone calls, the administrative paperwork shuffle and figuring out what needs to be done day by day until I leave. I have to say that private insurance, holy cow is it expensive! I am very fortunate to have been blessed with a wife who is strong, caring and supportive in this. I had it in the back of mind that I would be doing something but never could have imagined this. Her thoughts were the same on the subject as well.

I am hopeful that I will continue to be able to blog about my time in the ’stan’. This experience will be fun, rewarding and exciting all in one. Stay tuned for more dispatches as the days draw down.

The News

American Soldier says,

I emailed many of you to let you know the particulars of my upcoming trip. For the moment I won’t disclose the company. It’s not the military that I am going with but will say that I will be heading to Afghanistan soon. I am very excited about the opportunity and truly I feel honored to have been selected to go. This literally is a whole new career path for me and after much thought, I feel it is what I am suppose to do. To many indicators led to this and then suddenly boom, it was sitting in my lap. Divine Intervention anyone?

So strap in and enjoy the ride. I suspect it’s going to be a interesting one! ;)