This blog, one year later

American Soldier says, This blog is officially a year old. I remember the day I sat down and decided to write my thoughts. At first I was very raw and aggressive in my entries. The time was full of so much uncertainty. I wasn’t sure where or when I was […]

At a cross road and Soldier life

American Soldier says, Not AWOL! I have been fully immersed in a very important project. It has many things to do with military members. I’ve neglected to post stories for a long time. Partly because I’ve had to endure some things on my own, also this new project. I will […]

Rules of Engagement – VBIED

American Soldier says, I shot at a man once for driving his vehicle towards me in Iraq. He was off the road and at an accelerated pace. He was within 100 meters before I shot him and even then it would have been too late if he had set off […]

Red2Alpha Hates the Internet

Red2Alpha says, I hate the fucking internet. This opinion has been brewing inside my dome for years but recent events have finally forced it to the surface. Way back in the old time days of 1995 I first became aware of this internet thing. At the time I was still […]

9pds 3oz’s of miracle

American Soldier says, Our newest addition to our family was born late last night. There are many reasons to call this baby a miracle. From almost giving my all in Iraq to watching as my new daughter took her first breath, I am a changed man forever. Something changed with […]

And it’s here

American Soldier says, The first installation of many new things to come. I want all my viewers to know that I am not moving from the text form of Soldierlife. I am merely evolving to bring you a different type of media to experience from. Some plans with this new […]

It’s coming…..

American Soldier says, Subscribe today, tell your friends to subscribe. Soldier Life is going to a whole new platform of Milblogging. I deem this Mil-vlogging! See you soon…

My trip, a random meeting and Soldier Life the book

American Soldier says, This last month has given me a lot of time to view things from a different perspective and evaluate some things that I might have overlooked otherwise. I made a trip to Idaho and visited my good friend Chad. I got away from things but not really. […]

The nerve of some people!

American Soldier says, My wife and I were driving on a highway today and she was getting off the ramp to get on the actual highway. Well we had been driving for a little while and I am still getting use to being a passenger in a civilian car in […]

Piss poor coverage of the War!

American Soldier says, I have been doing some catch up on the news. I will say that the media here in the United States is piss poor. Why is it that the MSM’s report Baghdad as being the war? Shit doesn’t even really go on there. There are far worse […]