When it rains it pours!

American Soldier says, For crying out loud I don’t know whom I pissed off, but life for American Soldier is stressful lately. Last night my wife and I had to bring our daughter into the hospital. She was diagnosed with RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus). We thought she had the touch […]

For the moment

A Soldier walked through the Airport in his uniform. People looking at him all around. A child walks by and salutes with his left hand. The Soldier smiles and continues forward to the desk. The Soldier is aware that people are taking an extra second to look at him. He […]

More on the lateset

American Soldier says, AS is back in states. His injury has brought him home to recover. He is, for the moment, in a military hospital. He has run the gamet of testing to determine the outlook of things. And right now it’s a matter of time. He will be taking […]

Andy Rooney says I’m “The bottom of the barrel”

Red2Alpha says, Growing up, my mother and father watched ‘60 Minutes’ every week. The end of each show was a commentary by a grand fatherly looking man named Andy Rooney. He would question things in everyday life, like why there was a toothbrush holder next to the sink, why certain […]

Good to go!

American Soldier says, Alas, the final Sunday before I depart. So much has happened since starting to prepare to go. It feels exactly like a military deployment but not exactly. I know that it’s not but my wife and I have prepared as if it is. The paperwork shuffle, talking […]

Protected: Some Ideas and Some Updates

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How Ben Stein Feels

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Donating to Soldiers

Hi all, I have received many emails from people regarding donations. There are alot of ways to do this. You can visit these links: www.adoptaplatoon.org www.anysoldier.com www.adoptasniper.com You can also donate to Chief Wiggles organization: www.operationgive.com I also donate with the proceeds that sent to me and bought from my […]

Book Decision

American Soldier says, So after getting the comments on the site and emails, it seems that the majority would like to have an actual book sitting on their shelves. So that is how I will move forward with this. With any luck, an agent will take the book under their […]

This blog, one year later

American Soldier says, This blog is officially a year old. I remember the day I sat down and decided to write my thoughts. At first I was very raw and aggressive in my entries. The time was full of so much uncertainty. I wasn’t sure where or when I was […]