Who is American Soldier?

A little about me: My real name for the time being is just merely American Soldier. I do this so I can keep the level of mentality and passion behind my posts sincere. I think a lot of Soldiers who disclose themselves run the risk of losing their willingness to speak bluntly about their experiences in war. Maybe when I am all done with this fighting I will talk about the minor detail of my name.

Some people have asked why I chose to be known as American Soldier. The answer is quite simple. I think the pseudonym fits with what this site is all about, that is giving a voice to an American Soldier. I am not speaking on behalf of everyone, but I will speak for myself. I have been around many Soldiers in my years of being one and I know what the consensus thinks and would like to say but fear retribution if they do.

I am in my late 20’s. Have a few children and married to a very special woman. She is the hub in my life.

Where I’m from: US of A.

Religious Preference: I am nothing for the moment. I believe in a higher power but I choose not to practice in any one religion. So I am stuck right in the middle. So don’t try and force your religion on me. Just know that I respect religion but haven’t categorized myself just yet. Kind of helps with prayer though. No matter what religion you are, your prayers will still reach me and I appreciate them all!

Political views: I am not one to say that I am a republican or a democrat. I believe that people should have equal rights but I don’t believe in gay marriages. I think that our country was built around certain fundamentals and in order to preserve those building blocks we shouldn’t change some things. Here are some examples of my political views. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Give benefits, give recognition but don’t change our history. I also believe in woman’s rights. I think a woman should be able to choose what she can do with her body. Medicinal Marijuana should be given to people who need it. Why should a person destroy their body with drugs like Morphine when they could take a plant that comes from the earth naturally and use to ease pain? It should be regulated so people don’t get stupid with it and abuse the system. It should be used for the right reasons. So those are a few reasons why I am not set on one sect of political views. I am all over the place with what I believe in but consistent with what I feel is right.

Education: Educated in Information Technology. Also have a few degrees from the University of John Wayne.

Military Experience: Entered the Army in 1995. I went all over the world. The Army taught gave me a few skillsets. Telecommunications, Special Forces training and how to shoot from afar. I left the Army in 2000. Came back in after 9/11. I was confident the Army would need someone with my skill sets.

Favorite Music: My radio presets consist of Country, Today’s Music, Rock and Classical. I am a good old’ boy at heart but didn’t grow up in the country.

Favorite Food: Any home cooked meal, pizza, wings, and McDonald’s French fires with a side of Big Mac sauce; yes it sounds gross but so good.

Favorite Wine: Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot. Cavit Pinot Grigio is my preferred drink.

Favorite Beer: Sam Adams, George Killians, Guinness.

Favorite Pastime: I’m a total computer geek when I am not playing Soldier. I play online MMORPG’s, America’s Army and Counter Strike. I love to hunt. Shooting is even fun as a civilian to me. Hiking, fishing, and canoeing.